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At Porto, we design and create clothing for women that expresses the full artistry of fashion in styles that you will want to wear forever.

Our collection captures an inspired aesthetic derived from Japanese and European cultures. Every style is produced to travel the world with you.

Ana Klerkx, founder, works closely with her team to create custom prints and timeless styles. She takes an innovative approach using luxury stretch fabrics. Porto deeply respects the value of producing clothing responsibly and acknowledges the people who help build the brand through a shared sense that life is better when you dress for it.

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“It’s a Wrap!”: Fall 2024 San Francisco photoshoot

Ana, Catherine, Erik and Victoria with model Joy

our team

Ana “Art Lover & Founder”

Porto was established in 1996 as an importer, but Ana might tell you that the concept for her collection really began in 1990 when she moved to Italy.

Ana immersed herself in the culture and was immediately inspired by the rich heritage of art, history, and cuisine. The beauty of Italy swept her off her feet but so did her future husband, Bart Klerkx, when they met at the Florence Airport in Italy where their flights were canceled. What happened next? Well, when in Rome...

Ana and Porto’s team work closely to develop Porto’s styles, fabrics, and custom prints each season.

Erik “Creative Genius”

Erik joined Porto in 2010 after graduating from San Francisco’s Art Institute in fashion design. He is not just a master pattern maker, but also our creative director overseeing design, fit and fabrics for the Porto brand. Don’t expect his commitment to fashion to stop when he logs out because he also designs and produces everything he wears.

Victoria “Detail Doyenne”

Porto could not run smoothly without Victoria’s talent for organizing and fine-tuning our new styles and product development. Victoria’s superpower is her eye for detail and talent for organizing with precision. But her talent does not stop there. She is also a dedicated bike rider. She commutes around the city and has biked to Los Angeles just for fun.

Meihua “Mighty Meihua”

Looking at Meihua, you would never suspect that she is capable of titanic strength. Don’t be fooled by her petite frame. She’s not only adept at lifting and moving heavy bundles but her eye for quality control is just as deft. After work, Mei loves nothing more than to spend time with her four beautiful grandchildren.

Lily “Superb Seamstress”

It would be impossible for us to produce our collection without a perfect sample. And to get a perfect sample we need an extraordinary sample maker! Lily has been expertly stitching and developing Porto’s styles since 2013. She is a dog lover, too, and loves to share pictures of her dog, Darcy.

Karen “Client Support Rock Star”

A finely tuned customer support office is, without question, a must for any business. Karen, our admin genius, works behind the scenes keeping track of orders and diligently processing invoice entries. She does it all from her home in the Florida sun. Karen is as passionate about being outdoors, kayaking and hiking, as she is about her love of clothes.

K. Sawyer “Artist in Residence”

Katie Sawyer Rose is an acclaimed artist. She is the recipient of several grants and has been featured in the New York Times and Ms. Magazine, just to mention a few. Before her success as a sculptor, painter, and installation artist, she worked as a graphic designer and has been creating Porto’s websites, emails campaigns, and fabric prints in digital form since 2004. (

Michelle “World Traveler”

Michelle’s dazzling skill at processing vast amounts of data and then making sense of the numbers signifies her brilliant business acumen. Her ability to work effortlessly when it comes to budgets and bookkeeping is likely due to her ability to move with ease around the world. Multilingual and always up for an adventure, she has studied in Italy, Russia, Estonia, and currently lives in San Francisco.

Catherine Jane “Savvy Storyteller”

Catherine’s fashion career has run the gamut from clothing designer and boutique owner to public relations and marketing campaigns. She also wrote a monthly blog, Trending Lightly, which touched on a broad spectrum of subjects ranging from styling tips to the politics of fast fashion. At Porto, she brings her extensive experience to bear on developing email campaigns and marketing strategies.

Bart “The Flying Dutchman”

Bart’s passion for functional and sophisticated design began with his involvement in his family’s furniture business which was the largest in Holland in its heyday. As the head of Inizio, a contemporary women’s clothing line made in Italy, he understands the essential importance of wearable design and the inner workings of running a successful business. Both he and Ana travel to Italy often due to their shared love of all things Italia, especially when in Rome...

Ana and Bart in Italy, en route to factory visit • Meihua and Lily overseeing sample development and quality assurance • K. Sawyer with one of her sculpture installations • Karen après SHWRM NYC: "It’s Happy Hour!”